Send Mass Email in Salesforce Classic

Mass Email1

Send an email to a group of contacts, leads, person accounts, or coworkers all at the same time! Email a list of contacts, leads, or person accounts for small-scale sales or support. Mass email is intended to facilitate your business processes, not to replace your email application or handle mass-marketing campaigns.

  • Populate Salesforce with 100% of business emails
  • Unlock missing business contacts
  • Capture social profiles, titles & phone numbers from emails signatures
  • Leverage Engagement Scoring to improve Close Rates

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All your communications in one place

Send emails through Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 or Apple Mail and be certain every email is visible in Salesforce.

Unlock your business contacts hidden in email

Nest GCS Sync automatically finds and updates contacts in Salesforce by mining information from email signatures held in Outlook and Gmail.

Understand the true activity levels of your team

Gain complete transparency into your team engagements with customers and prospects. Nest GCS predictive scoring also helps you identify clients & prospects that have low engagement with your team.

Nest GCS Email Integration designed to help you protect and increase revenue.

For companies that require accurate customer data to achieve optimal sales performance, Nest GCS Sync automates Salesforce updates and provides customer Engagement Scoring for every sales metric.

Unlike other Salesforce Email Integrations, Nest GCS Sync equips teams with a real-time view of every customer interaction without the need for manual updates.

Leveraging data from emails, meetings, phone calls and Salesforce updates, Nest GCS Sync then provides you with intelligent Engagement Scoring to improve Close Rates and Customer Retention.

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