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SAP Best Practices for Chemicals

Don‘t be deceived by the term ―Best Practices.‖ At the heart of SAP Best Practices for Chemicals is a set of predefined, industry-specific business processes – or scenarios – which can be used to significantly speed up an SAP ERP for chemicals implementation project. These business scenarios can support all of the major business processes of a chemical company. These are not generic business processes lacking in detail, or processes that don‘t really fit the needs of a chemical company. They have been developed with the help of system integrators, chemical industry solution providers, chemical industry associations, and industry experts.

They have been used by many mid-size specialty chemical companies, as well as smaller and larger companies. The template was designed primarily for midmarket companies and subsidiaries of large companies, but experience has shown that chemical companies of all sizes can benefit by starting with these scenarios. They help accelerate implementations, reduce costs, and mitigate the risks associated with an implementation project.

Implementable Scenarios for Chemical Companies

ijaA good way to match software to the requirements of running a business is to consider the various business processes that must be managed. At a high level, the system must support efficient processes for order-to-cash pro- cure-to-pay, and other processes. ERP systems provide the means to manage and enforce these processes, but they need to be set up to operate according to the specific requirements of each company, and this requires careful attention to the software configuration and the creation of many granular business processes to support the overall requirements. The detailed scenarios provided in SAP Best Practices for Chemicals support various aspects of an overall chemical company business model that captures the interplay of business processes among the major business functions such as Supply Chain, Sales, Planning, Purchasing, R&D, Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Transportation. By using these scenarios in the blueprinting phase of a project, significant savings can be achieved.

Manufacturers can get a fast start with their SAP implementation using predefined business scenarios. “Live in Five” (months) is not just as logan, and “Best Practices” are real,proven, industry-specific business processes, supported by trained implementation partners.

Process Industry   |   Chemicals

Having worked closely with Chemical companies we realize that probably one of the biggest challenges you face is bleeding energy costs. Almost 10% of the money spent is on electricity and other sources of power to keep the production assets working. Another challenge is managing and monitoring these production assets.

Also plaguing the industry are other challenges such as raw material procurement, especially petroleum derivates where the pricing is beyond control, and mounting regulatory and compliance pressures. As an organization are you addressing these challenges to the optimum? Is your energy management processes as effective as they can be? Are your production assets working optimally?

Spectra Soft, after having worked closely with several Chemical manufacturing companies understand the intricacies and the challenges you face to ensure maximum business performance. Our solution based on the SAP platform will help you address the challenges that is bogging down your business performance, and put in place an effective solution. We have helped companies such as Orchid Chemicals, Shasun Chemicals and Drugs; Glo – Chem Industries etc. improve their product development, manufacturing and distribution processes and compliance with regulatory requirements including accounting their business transactions to meet the needs of subsidy and price control regimes.

Customer Quote

“The industry that we operate in demands high capital investment, a long gestation period and seasonal demands. Hence, we need to make sure all our assets (Manufacturing Plants) are up and running at all the time. The demand for our products are seasonal hence we need to plan our resources in advance, deploy them at a very short time and make it to work efficiently to meet seasonal market demand.

We were looking for a company who can understand our business dynamics and create a solution to meet our needs. Spectra Soft has met our requirements and deployed the solution within a committed time. Spectra Soft has the necessary domain knowledge of process industry and a track record of deploying solutions to various companies. We are satisfied with their service and commitment.”

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