Hurrah! Asma Got A SAP SD Job in Her Dream Company!

Asma was a brilliant student who wanted to pursue her life in SAP SD module. She has done Masters in Business Administration from a reputed institution a few years back. SAP sales and distribution module is one of the most significant systems, applications, products in the field of data processing. So, she did SAP SD training for a better job opportunity and for being more productive to the company. After completing her training, she went for a job interview in her dream company but alas! She failed miserably there. Except a few, all of the candidate who went for the interview had working experience in the real time environment. Asma lacked in this field and failed to secure the job. The situation became more frustrating for her when she faced pressure from her family to get married. She was an independent girl and wanted to remain so. Now, if you can relate to this situation with yourself and want to know how Asma overcame this situation, keep on reading.

SAP SD in Nest Global Consulting Services:

Nest GCS is a start-up organization in SAP consulting. Asma came to know that Nest Global Consulting Services is such an organization that hires freshers because freshers have excellent creative ideas. Moreover, they have the ability to think out of the box for any issue. Employing freshers and giving them training helps the organization to keep the hiring cost low and let the fresher have a stipulated amount of money after the end of every month during the on job training period. While on the job training of SAP SD module, Asma came to know that it was used by most of the fortune companies. More interestingly, it provides a very high chance to the candidates for onsite visits. If one has experience how to handle real time situation then they can start their career with big brands. So, Asma joined Nest global consulting s for SAP real time training experience, on job training and to kick start her career under a big brand with a good CTC.

Possibilities in Nest GCS For A Fresher:

On job training gave Asma a motivation to live her life again. When she started on job training and talked with her parents about her future prospects then the marriage pressure from the family side came to diminish. Her parents encouraged her to do on job training properly and secure a good job to become an independent lady. Asma got exposure of almost 2 years within just 6 months of on the job training at Nestgcs. It made her suitable for any job in this sector. Moreover, this exposure helped Asma in a great way to shift her to better MNC organisations where her starting CTC was minimum 4.8 lakhs. Nest gcs helps the candidates to have a stable career by providing top SAP training.

Relying only on the bookish knowledge and without a proper on job training and ability to handle real-time situation, it is quite impossible to get a job nowadays. Asma understood this thing and took proper OJT from Nest gcs as an intern which gave her the job that she was dreaming of.

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