How Arka Built his Career with SAP FICO Intership from Nest!

Working in a multinational banking sector is a big thing for many students. You need to specialise in SAP FICO if you want to work as a FICO consultant. Moreover, working as a FICO consultant in the multinational banking sector has huge future career prospects. Citi Bank, Wells Fargo etc. are some of the dream organisations where you can work as a FICO consultant if you want to shine like a star in this field. Arka always had a dream to work as a FICO consultant in one of such big brands and fortunately he’s currently doing so. Read on to know how he did it.

Who Can Take The SAP FICO Internship?:

Arka was a B. Com graduate. As he always had an interest in the finance sector, he opted for a SAP FICO certification course after completing his graduation. Obviously, this course would help him to learn more about Financial Accounting and Controlling. But, getting a certificate was not enough to get established in this field. Most of the big organisations not only demand their candidates to have certification but also a real time working experience!
Arka was serious with his dreams. So, after completing the course in SAP FICO, he was trying to get a job so that he can get a working experience. Then he came to know about Nest, a start-up SAP consulting firm. Arka came to know that students who have completed either their graduation or their master’s degree can opt for this SAP FICO internship offered by Nest.

How Nest Is Beneficial For Future Career Prospects?:

Nest hires freshers. They welcome the creative and out of box thinking abilities of the freshers. Obviously, the freshers don’t have any real time working experiences. Theoretical learning has a huge difference with practical implementation. Usually, freshers lack in this field. But, Nest provides necessary real-time training to them so that the freshers can learn how to handle the issues practically.

Arka found this on job training offered by Nest significantly beneficial for his future career prospects as this internship training helped him to gain real time working experience of 2 years in just 6 months! Usually, in big MNCs, it is not possible to teach each fresher candidate everything individually. Whereas, as Nest is a start-up organization, they give necessary professional on job training to the freshers; make them potent enough to come up with innovative solutions to the client’s issues. The things she could learn in 6 months internship were almost similar to have a working experience of 2 years!
Moreover, Arka was getting a fixed salary in Nest. Maybe this salary wasn’t exceptionally high, but it was satisfactory. More importantly, this internship of 6 months could have helped him to get a real time working experience that was mandatory to bag a job in the big names with a remarkable salary package in SAP FICO field.

Thus, after learning much about the practical field, Arka became potent and confident enough to join the fortune organisations. He got a call from one of the dream organisations with a captivating salary package. Currently, he is happily employed!

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