Benefit of Cement ERP

The solution greatly reduces the time for deployment and helps the management establish control over key operational parameters like energy consumption, raw material quality, production downtime & transportation cost. Some of the add-on functionality bundled in our cement solution includes the following:

  • 525Trade incentive management solution.
  • Weighbridge interface with SAP to control pilferage and under weighment.
  • Wagon management solution for transport optimization.
  • Freight bill passing solution for transport cost control.
  • Gate-pass solution for control of returnable & non returnable material.


SAP Service Landmark

  • Implementation/Rollouts
  • Value Discovery Workshop
  • Business Intelligence
  • AMS & Production Support
  • Version Upgrades
  • Independent Testing/Validation Services

Control Your Business End-to-End. Remain Agile. Stay ahead of time.

Be equipped with smart technology to run your cement business efficiently. Ramco ERP on Cloud for Cement Manufacturers can help you control your operations end-to-end—from raw material procurement to shipping. With best practices and functionalities built for the cement business, you can also ensure a hassle-free supply chain, and monitor your inventory in real-time to manage your raw material and fuel requirements.

Our distribution management solution enables you to check stock availability and book orders through mobile devices, drastically shortening the order servicing cycle times. You can get real-time information about operations, sales, etc., and make well-informed and timely decisions. In short, you can ensure that your cement business is on track, always, and ready to serve your customers’ every need — further strengthening your business bonds, even as profitability soars.

Solve demand-supply puzzles

Plan effectively. Meet raw material requirements efficiently.

Raw material proximity and coal availability should no longer be a major concern for you, as you can plan and meet your raw material requirements efficiently through our supply chain solution. Developed based on years of experience in the cement business, Ramco ERP on Cloud enables you to make sure the right amount of raw material is available at the right place, at the right time.

  • Negate raw material proximity issue by making long-term & short-term procurement plans
  • Take control of fuel supply using blanket purchase orders; firm up your fuel plan well in advance
  • Analyze fuel efficiency in terms of calorific value and market price in order to achieve optimal fuel mix
  • Synchronize your cement production with mining to meet your raw material requirements
  • Manage the performance of your captive mines, equipments and shifts effectively using our Ore Management module.
Never let the customer wait
Deliver cement to your customers on time, every time.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can ship customer orders on time, always. You can plan your shipment well ahead of time; help reduce wastages in packing; and increase revenue potential in many other ways, using the Process Control features.

  • Follow-up pending orders closely with the order management system, execute customer orders within 24 hours and achieve customer satisfaction
  • Analyze freight and plan logistics effectively using shipment planning
  • In case of shortage of stock, transfer from depots and dealers using stock transfer process to deliver to customers on time
  • Process shipment documents efficiently using mass processing capabilities; improve shipment volumes.
Make the most of your assets

Keep your plant up and running 24×7. Increase the life and worth of your assets.

You can achieve the highest levels of capacity utilization using our plant maintenance solution, tailored to cement plants. You can implement best-in-class maintenance strategies to ensure better asset reliability and performance.

  • Schedule and adhere to preventive maintenance schedules; reduce downtimes
  • Eliminate unplanned plant shutdown and extend asset life through routine maintenance
  • Get complete visibility of maintenance cost and budget, to optimize maintenance expenses
Optimize power consumption

Manage your operations efficiently. Use power optimally. Reduce cost.

Ramco ERP on Cloud can help your power-intensive cement plants to optimize power consumption. Using plant setup and capacity configuration, coupled with real-time integration of equipments, you can have complete visibility over power consumption and reduce power wastage.

  • Use power optimally and lower production overheads, using Ramco Process Control solution
  • Achieve consistency in operations and increase productivity
  • Increase generator utilization factor in captive power plants and reduce power consumption by monitoring operations in real-time.

With the increasing competition in the market, there has also seen a significant rise in the cement manufacturing companies. All these organizations are now planning to utilize their fixed assets in such a manner so that optimum production results can be achieved. To solve the purpose of the same, we at ACGIL, provide to this industry the predictive tools that are basically used to improve production capacity along with providing quick responses.

At present, India is counted as one of the second largest cement producer country and make sure to provide the optimum and quality assured production levels. For all the cement processing organizations, high productivity is the critical factor that has to be achieved to maintain a reputed niche in the industry. So, ready to be equipped with the advanced and the smart technology to run your business flawlessly.

With the introduction of the companies get enabled to have maximized capacity utilization, ensures maximum equipment capacity uptime, reduce operational cost in lean periods and also helps in achieving an optimum level of operational efficiency.

Eliminate Conflicts of Demand And Supply

Plan accordingly to fulfill demand of cement and concrete.

By implementing the sophisticated and comprehensive solution, you can easily get the information you needed to plan your business expenses and outcomes. The offered system also assists you in making plans about ensuring to be delivered the right amount of raw and finished material to the client’s end.

It allows users to have the real time insights into the different phases of cement industry such as markets, supply, demand and plant operations. In this way, you will be able to maximize the asset usability, easily optimize supply chain performance and effectively achieve service excellence in an organized manner.

  • Ensure greater productivity to manage bulk orders received from the clients
  • Using ACG Infotech ERP for cement, track your supply network more closely in order to ensure better demand management
  • Improve efficiency by making use of process control system
  • Plan for the customer satisfaction levels
  • Collect external and internal demand streams to solve the demand and supply issues.

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